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CAMS' Lifestyle Programming Transforms a North Carolina Community
A single-family community in North Carolina faced various challenges related to their lifestyle programming and event planning. The community realized that having a part-time lifestyle director...MORE
Streamlining Community Management  Transition: A CAMS Onboarding Case Study
Abstract: This case study examines the onboarding experience of a condominium community located in North Carolina as they transitioned to CAMS (Community Association Management Services) from their...MORE
Customer Satisfaction Increases Due to the Implementation of More Efficient Communication Systems
Founded in the 1990s, CAMS began experiencing steady growth in the early 2000s. A few representatives could easily handle customer calls in the company's early days. However, once the company began...MORE
CAMS Collections Department Aids in Reducing Associations' AR Balances
Throughout 2020 and 2021, CAMS' collections department audited the accounts receivable (AR) balances of all associations they manage. During this process, it was discovered that several associations...MORE
Townhome Community’s Quick Actions Aid in Effectively Handling Fire
A community in Myrtle Beach, SC, which consists of 128 two-story townhomes, experienced a devastating fire in one of the units. As soon as the fire was reported, the CAMS team and association Board...MORE
CAMS Assists Community in Formulating Emergency Preparedness Plan
A sound-front condominium community located in eastern North Carolina experienced severe damage from Hurricane Florence in September 2018. At the time, the community was not under CAMS' management...MORE
Condominium Building Successfully Navigates Water Leak During Covid
A 19-story, 120-unit condominium building in uptown Charlotte, NC, experienced a water leak that affected 20 units across 10 floors of the building during the Covid pandemic. CAMS worked alongside...MORE
Townhome Community Improves Communication by Using Town Hall Meeting
A townhome community in Greenville, South Carolina, was facing financial issues and needed to levy a special assessment to begin much-needed repairs to the community’s common areas. Community members...MORE
The Road to a Successful Recovery for a Community Impacted by Hurricane Florence
When a community experienced extensive hurricane damage, CAMS worked closely with the Board of Directors to navigate the extraordinarily challenging post-disaster path and guide the community through...MORE
HOA Successfully Ends Infighting Between Board Members
A community made up of 15 single-family homes located in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, was experiencing severe infighting between its board members. This conflict was primarily based on board...MORE